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Friday, April 04, 2008

AbsolutNot So Much

This was seen in a magazine and on a billboard recently:


It's been ripped apart all over the blogosphere, so I won't go into that. Check out this comment on this post, though (copied in its entirety):
I was born and raised end educated in Mexico, this has got to be the biggest sour grapes ad ever. We lost tons of what was then OUR territory, because we were weak, stupid and corrupt, no one in Mexico cared about 2/3 of the old Nueva Espana until after they discovered gold in California and no one in Mexico cared about that territory untli the USA built it up with roads, cities, towns, services, industry in the early 20th century. Guess what, it’s the 21st century and Mexico is still weak, stupid and corrupt, socially, economically and govermentally. Instead of wroking to build a great society, instead of mexican society working as a team and building a 1st class country with the tons of human an natural resources we have, we covet jealously what we could have had, what the USA became and is, it because the Americans are smart and they have their checks and balances socially, politically and economically they built an empire out of 13 piece of dirt colonies, the Spaniards gave us an empire in term of land and as a society we pissed it away, the problem is that mexican never look at themselves as the problem, which we are, naturally we always look at some one else to blame for our own failings.

We suck as a culture, we suck as a society, we suck as a country, were a third rate wannabe leftist dictatorship aka a latina american democracy that can never get it’s act straight. I had the good fortune of marrying into an American family that embraced me regardless of my origins these social and political conservatives are some of the most generous and hard working people and some of the closest nit humans you will find, I am lucky to have left Mexico, and I will never return to Mexico, I will die for the USA and my sons will die for the USA because it has given me everything.

What has Mexico ever given me? Nada.

Welcome to America, Fabricio. As for Absolut... if I was a vodka drinker, I'd find another brand.

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