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Thursday, July 03, 2008

In His Own Words

I'm not one to yell "racist" or "bigot" at the drop of a hat. I am one to get angry when people talk about a nation divided on race or when people intentionally point out race, making a divide where one need not exist. So, when I see these quotes by Senator and Mrs. Obama, I have to wonder if they're really a "post-racial-divide" couple ready to look past the color of someone's skin to see the content of their character.

There are many, many things that we can focus on in this election. Race is just one component. I find it humorous that there is one party that keeps talking about it. One party avoids it like the plague (lest they be called "racist"). The other party has no problem holding their biases out for the world to see. (h/t to TC)

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