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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Senatorial WannaBe Is a Tad Confused

Rick Noriega wants to take John Cornyn's Senate seat from him. If he's serious, he might want to get the facts on some of the issues Senator Cornyn actually deals with every day. Take FISA, for example.

Check out this video quote from Mr. Noriega:

If you couldn't understand what Rick Noriega said, here's the quote:
“When we got on the computers to wake up our families on that Christmas Day, I suspect that the government probably listened in on my and Melissa’s conversation because it was communication between two countries.”
If you're a little confused,  he thinks that, while he was deployed in Afghanistan, the government listened in on his internet phone conversation with his wife on Christmas Day.

Mr. Noriega, are you on a terrorist watch list that we need to know about? FISA is used to track terrorists overseas. That's it. It's not used to listen in on the conversations of our troops deployed overseas. Ever.

No other service member has complained to his superiors or made allegations like this. Granted, I don't doubt that, occassionally, conversations are listened to in order to insure Operational Security, but that's not by the NSA, that's by the DoD. If Mr. Noriega really thought he was being spied on by the NSA under the Terrorist Surveillance Program, he should have talked to his superiors immediately and/or filed a complaint. He did neither.

It looks like Mr. Noriega is either horribly mistaken about how FISA works, or he's just making stuff up to play on people's fears. Whichever it is, it's just plain wrong.

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