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Friday, August 01, 2008

Close... But No Crack Pipe

Rick Noriega, Senator-wanna-be from Texas, tried to make a good point... and failed. Here's what he said:

For those of you who don't really feel like watching Mr. Noriega, here's the quote:
Mr. Bush said, a couple of years ago, that this nation was, their need for fossil fuels, was like crack addicts. His words. And the incumbent in this race wants to sell Texans more crack.
Ummm... that's not quite what President Bush said. Close, but not quite. 
And here we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. (State of the Union 2006)
So... it's an addiction, but not like crack. Why is that important? Because I have an addiction.You do, too. A serious one. To oxygen. Same goes for water. And nourishment. There will be serious trauma if we stop those particular habits.

In the same way, yes, the United States is addicted to oil. If the oil supply suddenly dried up (or our suppliers just stopped pumping for some reason), this country would be plunged into something far worse than "severe trauma." Our economy would completely collapse. Our economy- in fact, the world's economy- right now is based on petroleum products. We move products from one place to another using fossil fuels; our factories, for the most part- thanks to short-sited Congressmen who were bullied by anti-nuclear plant activists- are powered by fossil fuels; products themselves are made of petroleum derivatives. And all of that will stop if petroleum-based fuel supplies dry up.

And yet,liberals don't see the need to decrease our dependence on other nations for our oil supply. They don't think it's important that we have control of the very thing that fuels life as we know it. I guess they really want us to be junkies, dependent on the whims of our suppliers.

Because petroleum is such a huge part of our lives, we can't just quit cold turkey. It will take a long time- longer than the 10 years alarmists are giving us. In the meantime, while we built nuclear power plants and research new, cleaner technology, we will still need petroleum. And, even after we move on to cleaner power sources, we'll still need petroleum. That is, unless you don't want any more plastic products or motor oil or jet fuel or rubber. For the foreseeable future, we need petroleum, not just for our cars, but for our livelihood.

So, no, Mr. Noriega. Senator Cornyn isn't trying to sell Texans crack. He's trying to provide for our economic life.

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