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Friday, August 13, 2004

About me

I found this idea on another blog a while back (can't remember which one- sorry.) So, here's almost everything you need to know about me I will edit this as appropriate:

Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Beth, Buffy, MuMu
Height: 5' 5"
Level of Education: B.A. Psychology
Occupation: mom
Birthplace: Belleville, IL
Marital status: married
How many children: Two (identical twin boys)
Do you drink (alcohol): Yes, on occasion
Do you smoke: I have occasionally smoked a cigar, but that is very rare
Favorite outdoor activities: floating on a raft in a pool, watching my kids play sports
Favorite indoor activities: cooking, reading, surfing the web
Favorite colors: green (NOT lime)
Favorite type of music: almost anything except rap and folk
Favorite musical groups/performers: Wideawake, Toby Keith
Favorite soundtracks:
Phantom of the Opera
What's in your home CD/Casette player right now: Classical Music for People who Hate Classical Music
What's in you car CD/Casette player right now:
Wideawake (all 3 cds), Chris Gaines, the Gateway praise cd, and the Billy Joel musical soundtrack
Do you play an instrument:
One pillow or two:
one or two, sometimes none, sometimes three
Croutons or bacon bits:
bacon bits
Favorite salad dressing:
honey mustard, raspberry vinaigrette
Have you ever had your appendix or tonsils removed:
tonsils (and my gall bladder, if that matters)
Have you ever gone skinny-dipping:
Do you make fun of people:
not if I can help it
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up:
actress, astronaut.
What would be your dream job now:
Have you ever been convicted of a crime:
Places you'd most like to visit:
Mars, Australia, Russia, Germany (again) Wales (again)
Your first car:
69 VW Beetle
Dream car:
Carmen Ghia convertible
Pantene Color Vive
Favorite season:
Favorite holiday:
Favorite board/card game:
Spades, Trivial Pursuit
Favorite hobbies:
Favorite sport to play:
football, volleyball, softball
Favorite sport to watch:
Least favorite sport to watch:
Most humiliating moment:
like I’m gonna tell anyone… geeez
Do you have any siblings:
One younger sister
Do you get along with your parents:
oh, yeah
Favorite place to chill:
either our house or a hot tub
Favorite place to visit:
What is your bad time of day:
What is your good time of day:
anytime after 5pm
Favorite perfume or cologne:
Obsession, Poison
Favorite scent of candle:
Favorite flower/plant:
Favorite subject in school:
history, science, choir
Least favorite subject in school:
Favorite authors:
Stephen Boyett, Tina Leonard, Christine Feehan
Favorite book genre:
I'll read anything
Favorite book:
Ariel: A Book of the Change” by Stephen Boyett
Favorite magazine:
Favorite movie you have seen recently:
LOTR Return of the King
Favorite movie of all time:
Other favorite movies:
all the LOTR, the Star Wars movies, romantic comedies
Favorite actors/actresses:
Matthew Broderick, Kevin Sorbo, Brandon Frasier
Favorite TV programs:
Good Eats, CSI, 24
Favorite comic strip character:
Favorite food:
grilled seafood
Chocolate or Vanilla:
depends- chocolate is a mood food for me
Favorite ice cream:
Favorite Snapple:
diet lemon tea
Favorite alcoholic Drink: 7&7, a nice Chardonnay
What is your bedtime:
Best on-line friends:
Tina, Denita, the VRWC gang
Best friends:
Worst enemies:
I try not to have them
Interesting fact about your childhood:
I’m adopted
How many rings before you answer the phone:
2, if I can help it.
The first thing you think of in the morning:
where the snooze button is
Favorite thing to do when you're home alone:
read, watch tv, surf the net
Things that make you feel good:
completing a challenge, hanging with friends, a hug from my boys
Things you don't like:
melon (of any kind), Seinfeld, telemarketers, people who don’t take “no” for an answer, karaoke
Worst feeling in the world:
being alone
Best feeling in the world:
Being in love.
Do you get motion sickness:
nasty headaches, if that counts
Roller Coasters - Deadly or Exciting:
Thunderstorms - Cool or Scary:
Very scary
Pen or Pencil:
Do you like to drive:
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:
not anymore
Did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child:
What is on the walls of your room:
painting that I did to match the room, and a print that a friend of mine did
What words or phrases do you overuse:
Coolest things anyone ever gave you: The best thing anyone ever gave you was my parents. My birth mother put me up for adoption when I was born, and I went home when I was 4 days old with the most awesome parents on earth.
How would you characterize your political leanings:
I am a conservative, leaning toward libertarian (except I’m too conservative socially to be one). I’m a fairly strict constitutionalist.
If you could pick one super-human power, what would you choose:
Favorite Quotes/Lyrics/Poems:

The Lord Bless Thee
The Lord Keep Thee
Make His Face to shine upon Thee
And be gracious unto Thee
The Lord lift up his countenance upon Thee
And Give Thee Peace.
Amen (Numbers 6:24-26 The Blessing of Aaron)

It is the obligation of the righteous to stand between evil and the innocent.

Hi Beth ~

I enjoyed reading your “About Me ~ Profile” and something that I just had to write you about...

Interesting fact about your childhood: I’m adopted.

When I read that you were adopted I felt a slight tinge of pain inside and it surprised me. Why was this happening? I thought for a moment and the only thing I could come up with was the different troubles adopted children seem to have run into all too often. So I put those thoughts on hold and continued with your profile.

Coolest things anyone ever gave you:

You absolutely crushed me with this answer and with tears in my eyes I just had to leave a word or two about my feelings. I’ve come from a slight tinge of pain finding that you were adopted to a heart full of good feelings for you and your life. Isn’t it funny how printed words on a screen can bring out such feelings?

What would be your dream job now: Mom.

The three questions and answers are so overpoweringly lifting to me about you and your life that here I am sending this note off and hoping I expressed it well enough so you’ll see how happy I am for you and your fortunate family to have you, and not think this is some kind of nut.

I wish for you a continued wonderful life and thank you for the others that have adopted children and are fortunate enough to have read your profile. I know there are multitudes of families with adopted children out there but all too often you hear only about the troubled ones. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ron, from Massachusetts

Anything you'd like to add?

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