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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Laura Bush in St. Louis

Having grown up near St. Louis, this caught my eye at President Bush's official blog. Seems that Mrs. Bush is in St. Louis today for a W Stands for Women rally. While in town, she stopped at The Custard Station in Kirkwood for some frozen custard. While I'm not familiar with The Custard Station, I'm a big fan of Ted Drewes Frozen Custard , also in St. Louis. It's kind of like ice cream, except that it is SOOO much better than ice cream ever dreamed of being. (Hubby isn't a big fan of Ted Drewes, but he likes fried ravioli, so I'll keep him, I guess.) If you're ever in an area that has a frozen custard stand, get some. It's worth it. Trust me.

Something else (besides the custard) stood out as I read the press release.
After that Mrs. Bush went onto the W Stands For Women rally in St.Louis where she spoke to over 900 women of all ages (and a few men).

At first glance, if you're not familiar with the political make up of St. Louis, that doesn't seem like a lot of people. Granted, it's a week day, so that cuts into turnout at Republican rallies. But, this is the city that kept electing Dick Gephardt time after time; this is the same city who held the polls open late to boost Dem votes in the 200 election; and this is the same region where voters are registered in up to five different locations and you'd be amazed to learn that Aunt Millie (who's been dead since '85) has been a loyal, consistent Dem voter ever since her untimely demise. This is the city where unions and special interest groups rule the roost. Looking at the 900 folks who came to see Mrs. Bush at the rally today in light of your crash course in STL politics, that's a pretty impressive crowd. I'm impressed.

Hmmm... are the Cards in town? Maybe Mrs. B could take in a game before she heads off to the next rally.

I wish I could catch the president or the first lady here in Michigan....every time they are near, I find out too late to make arrangements to go!

I did get to see president Reagan in '84 though. That was a thrill for me even if I was only a kid at the time.

When Kerry was in Milwaukee recently, he announced at the rally that he would go to Leon's for frozen custard and Speed Queen for barbecue, but never did. Instead he went to Pieces of Eight, an upscale seafood place on the lakefront. That fact makes this news so much cooler.

I'm from St. Louis, too! I live in Leavenworth, KS, and we have Sheridan's Custard here - way better than ice cream, but not as good as Ted Drewes.

By isolating Il Dick, you're forgetting that the city continues to elect William Clays to Congress and Democratic mayors.

Kirkwood's not in the city, though, and it's part of Todd Akin (R)'s congressional district.

Oh man! If I'd known that I would've driven down to St. Louis (from Chicago) to see her. Laura Bush is one of my favorite people! Sadly I can't eat Ted Drewes, but I adore fried ravioli. I'm glad to hear that so many turned out to welcome Mrs. Bush. It sounds promising!

-- Teresa

Brian, ok, Kirkwood isn't in St. Louis City proper. It's still part of that which is St. Louis. KWIM? And I talked about Gephardt because he's probably the most (in)famous of St. Louis politicians in recent memory. I was trying to use broad strokes to paint a picture of politics in St. Louis. I'm sure many a poli sci student could write their disertation on that subject.

Anything you'd like to add?

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