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Friday, November 12, 2004

I don't usually do this, but...

In case you haven't heard, Target stores have decided to ban the Salvation Army from having their kettles in front of Target stores this holiday season. (I checked it on Snopes- it's true.) In the past, they've had a "no-solicitation" policy, but they have always made an exception for the SA. Not this year. It's "too difficult" to give them an exception.

Whatever. Even though it will be "difficult" for me, I will now boycott Target. And I'm not happy about it- I like that store. But, I will boycott them, and I will contact the company and let them know why my family is boycotting them. This is just ridiculous.

UPDATE: I just talked to a customer rep, who took my complaint. He gave the company line (" Many retailers have no-solicitation policies, and we told the SA back in January that they wouldn't be allowed to set up in front of our stores from now on" and "We give $X millions a week" - can't remember the exact #- " to non-profit organizations." etc). So what if other retailers have "no-solicitation" policies!! They all waive that for the Salvation Army. And it doesn't really matter what you give to other NPOs- the SA gets 70% of its funds from the kettle drive. Because of your selfish incompetence, they will be short on funds this year.

Way to go, jerks!

UPDATE 2: Robert has a list of other people who are... unhappy... with Target's decision.

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