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Friday, December 17, 2004

Bring Out Your Loons!

By now, most of you have heard about the tragic, disturbing murder of the young mother-to-be in Missouri and the kidnapping of her prematurely born daughter (who was cut from her mother's womb, probably postmortem).

And what inspires LLL behavior more than a tragedy? (uh... thanks -I think- to the Sithmonkey Lord Darth Monkeybone for pointing this out to me... I'll need to scrub my eyes out when I'm finished) The DU, one of the favored havens for moonbats of all ages, has a thread discussing the tragedy. Are they debating punishment of the perps? Nah... Mourning the loss of this vibrant young woman? Hardly. They're whining about the child being referred to as a "fetus".

As you wander through the incoherent ramblings, you get such gems as:
  • but the fundy MSM prefers fetus for the sensationalist appeal.
  • Sadly, I even heard the BBC refer to the fetus in the Peterson case as an "unborn child".
  • If all life is valuable, why aren't there 100,000 amber alerts for Iraqis?
  • a BABY does not mean the same to a fundies as a FETUS!!! fetus > baby! comprende?
  • We are going to protect the unborn so they can be born into poverty and grow up in an under funded education system so when they fail at school and can not get a job, they will join the military and die in a senseless war to support the wealthy interests.
That's just a small sample of the insanity. A woman is dead! Her (now) new-born child, premature by a month, is missing, and they're worried about what to call the baby!!!

And they wonder how Bush won the election. It truly boggles the mind.

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