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Friday, December 03, 2004

Random Christmas Memory #8

sorry about the numbering goof- I...uh... hit "publish" instead of "draft" on #9 and didn't realize it. Oops.)

Where to hang the stockings????

A few years ago, we were living in a rental house. I really wanted a fireplace. For some reason, Hubby didn't think the home's owner (his grandmother) would appreciate a full-fledged house remodel. So, I got out a pad of paper and a pencil, and I drew up some plans. Then we talked a friend with a pickup truck into meeting us at Home Depot, we bought some lumber and a jig saw, and I got to work. One more stop at Hobby Lobby for the paint, etc.

Less than a week later, we had a fireplace. So what if you couldn't actually start a fire in it (without setting the livingroom on fire)? I had a cool looking decoration that you could hang stockings on... And who cares if it only lasted one year? Yeah, I was sad when it fell apart, but... it served its purpose.

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