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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Rules

Today, I read Mad Mikey's post on The Rules™™. At the time, I thought to myself how nice it was that I didn't really need The Rules™™. I was wrong.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am going to post The Rules™™ on the side bar. If you ever need a reminder, The Rules™™ will be there for you to refresh your memory.

Here is my version of The Rules™™. (Yeah, I mostly copied/pasted most of them from Mikey's post. Why mess with a good thing?) Learn 'em. Live 'em. Love 'em. Or you're gone.

1. My Blog, My Rules.

2. Dissent is tolerated. This means that you can disagree with me on what I post about. Try to keep it on topic, don't ramble for no apparent reason, and don't call people names when you get flustered.

3. Jerks are not. This means that if you copy/paste entire articles or personal manifestos, or come across like a bezerk pre-schooler in your comments, it'll be delete/edit/ban city for you.

4. Keep foul language to a minimum, if at all. Use common sense on this one - if anything, use lots of asterisks: * * * There are a couple of people who can use foul language on this site. If I haven't given you permission, you're not one of them.

5. I reserve the right to be a jerk and to cuss. And when I am, I'll admit it and/or warn you.
6. I reserve the right to ban jerks and spammers. Here in my house, I am the Queen and can act accordingly.

7. Spellcheck is your friend. I'm not a perfect typist, but I at least try. Good grammar and proper use is always appreciated.

8. I reserve the right to change/add/delete/ignore The Rules™™ as I see fit. See Rule #1.

9. When in doubt, see Rule #1.

There you go. Simple, really. Like I said, Learn 'em. Live 'em. Love 'em. Or you will be gone.

My blog. My rules.

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