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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Many Thanks

Several people let me know (through IMs and e-mails) that there was a problem accessing my blog as of late. I took out what I thought was the offending code, but that didn't help.

So, I called the Blog Doctor. Didn't take him long to figure out the problem. One of my posts had 4400 unnecessary HTML tags. (No, I didn't put them there- I have no idea how they got there). So, Russ cleaned up the bug-droppings, and it's all nice and pretty again.

When I told Hubby what was going on, he asked me how much it would cost to get off of blogspot and onto something else. Dunno... need to look into that.

So... many many many thanks to Russ for coming to the rescue (again!). He has helped a lot of bloggers recently, and the VRWC just wouldn't look as nice or run as smoothly in cyberspace without him. You know, I'll be in deep trouble if that man ever decides to start charging by the hour for his HTML expertise.

UPDATE: Russ informs me that there were almost 9000 bad tags... 4400 of which were font tags. Geeeez.

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