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Sunday, June 26, 2005

And Where Were YOU This Weekend?

First, let me say one thing... when Zippo throws a party, you'd be well advised to show up. Fun WILL be had by all.

The entire weekend went more or less according to plan. Friday night we got a bit of a late start thanks to Austin traffic. HDD, Denita and Eric, Zippo and SWF, El Capitan and I met at Zippo's Southern Command, and we were off to have some fun. We met up with Mr. and Mrs. Minority at the Gristmill. The food at the Gristmill was just as yummy as I remembered. After stuffing our faces, we wandered next door to Gruene Hall, where we met up with Dash (and, I'm sorry to say, a couple whose names have escaped me right now) to listen to some music. Buckwheat Zydeco and his band are awesome. Lord Spatula I met us there. We headed back to Zippo's, and I prepped the ribs to meet their destiny.

Saturday morning, we met back at Zippo's, then almost everyone (including Mr. & Mrs. M's kiddos, and Zippo's son and niece) headed to the Comal River for some toobin. Thanks to my cranky back, I hung back and smoked some ribs. A bunch of ribs. When they returned, we ate and proceeded to retire to the living room and the front porch for a bit of adult beverage and some fun conversation. Hubby arrived as soon as he could after work- I think we managed to save a little food for him, but not much.

This morning, our adventure took us to Dietz Gun Range for a little range time.

A side note... until today, I had fired only a few weapons in my life- my grandpa's bb gun, a friend's .22 pistol, and a few of the handguns at the store where we purchased Mr. Friendly. Since Mr. Friendly joined our family, I haven't fired anything else.

Until today. Today, I had the opportunity to fire another .22 and another .357 . Oh, my. This was also the first time I have ever used .357 rounds in Mr. Friendly (after trying them in El Capitan's very nice . 357 - I loved that grip!) And I learned something new about me. I'm a left-handed shooter. I just never thought to try to shoot left-handed. Why bother, right? I mean, I am right-handed. But, I guess it makes sense, since I'm a bit ambidextrous. And I bat left-handed when I play softball.

This weekend was awesome. Thanks to Zippo and his family for hosting this most wonderful of adventures. And thanks to everyone who showed up... it was fun.

Oh, yeah... we also had a blogfest steering committee meeting at the range. Our discussion was interesting, as always. More info as it becomes available.

C-ya at the next one!

But wait! There's more: That couple I couldn't remember? Kurt and his wife. Sorry, 'bout that!

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