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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Few Good Actors

I was watching FoxNews' "Dayside", Dean Cain (remember him?) was a guest. He and his girlfriend, Amanda Swisten, made a trip to Iraq to support the troups, and he was there to talk about that, and about his latest campaign- to send shoes and school supplies to the kids in Iraq. Very cool. Here's the info, if you'd like to help:

Also, if you'd like to help Dean Cain send supplies to Iraq, please send only supplies to:

Cpt. Brad Miller
APO AE 09331
Thunder Alley, Talil AB, Iraq
DSN 318 833 1518 OR 1653
Trailer 3147A

In other "Hollywood better not hear about this" news, Denzel Washington visited Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio recently. What happened next was... just plain cool. (h/t to William @ Pardon My English)
The base has buildings known as Fisher Houses, founded by the Fisher family of New York real estate fame, where relatives of the wounded can stay for little or no charge. When Washington heard there weren't enough Fisher House facilities, he asked how much one would cost to build. "He wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot."
Makes me wonder how many more good-hearted actors and actresses might be out there... It's so easy for them to take the anti-war, anti-America route... it's most likely paved with movie and endorsement deals. But... what about the people in the entertainment industry (with the exception of country music- it's almost expected from them) who want to support the troops... or Heaven-help-them, the President? Do they have to do it anonymously? Would they be shunned if they offer support (in word or deed)?

I'll admit it- if I had money, I'd give to causes anonymously. Not because of fear. It's a purely selfish reason, if I'm going to be honest. It would be to see the look on someone's face when they're given a gift. Kind of like watching a small child on Christmas morning, before the "truth" is told. I wouldn't need their words of thanks- that look would be enough for me. More than enough.

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