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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Saving The Country...

... one cup of coffee at a time.

There is a group of retired gentlemen who gather several mornings a week at a local Hardee's for a cup of coffee and some honest debate. They talk about everything from the new coffee shop down the street (they tried it once- they'll stick with Hardee's, thankyouverymuch) to foreign policy and everything (and I mean everything) in between. City roads? Yup. The latest county scandal? They're all over it. Social Security reform? They've already solved the problem, if anyone would bother to ask. Gossip? Sorry to say it,but y'all are almost as bad as a bunch of old biddies at a quilting bee some days.

How do I know these guys? My dad's one of their ring-leaders, and I get a play-by-play every once in a while.

So, today, in an IM, my dad said this:
xxxx: I told Durbin he should be back at his alma mater and he said it was a prison now,and I said exactly. That got a big laugh.
Uh... Dad... when were you talking to Senator Durbin? "At Hardee's... he came in with (Rep) Costello. We get politicians in there all the time. And they always come to our table. Don't worry. He knows me. " (Little background... Senator Durbin was born and raised in East St. Louis, IL and attended Assumption High School, which has been closed for ten years and turned into a state prison.)

'Scuse me? Why did I not know this? I would love to meet him... give him a piece of my mind...

Oh... that's why I'm never invited...

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