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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting Ready to Boycott Jack In The Box

This is going to sound jingoistic... and I don't think I care.

Lately on several cable stations, I've been seeing a couple of Jack in the Box commercials, and they are driving me NUTS. There's only one thing out of the ordinary about them is the fact that they are in SPANISH. Which wouldn't be a bad thing on a Spanish-speaking channel, but these are on English language channels.

This confuses me. Obviously, if they're watching Food TV, then the Spanish speaker can also speak English (I don't think FTV has a SAP channel). So... that commercial is targeting a very specific market and alienating the vast majority of viewers. Does that make sense to anyone?

I've already got a problem with legal immigrants coming to the US and not learning English (and, no, I'm not picking on Spanish speakers. Other nationalities do it, too). To cater to them just makes it worse. I guess Jack just lost himself a customer.

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