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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Guess It's Not Just Me

I'm not sure if y'all remember, but back in August, I mentioned my boycott of Jack in the Box because of their Spanish language commercials (which I haven't seen lately, btw). That led to someone calling me a "racist" because I had the audacity to think it common courtesy for people who come to our country to learn the common language. Lots of fun, really.

Well... lookie here. Evidently our Commander in Chief shares my opinion:
In this new century, we must continue to welcome immigrants, and to set high standards for those who follow the laws to become a part of our country. Every new citizen of the United States has an obligation to learn our customs and values, including liberty and civic responsibility, equality under God and tolerance for others, and the English language. (emphasis mine- B)
The President made these remarks yesterday while in Arizona on his Immigration Reform Tour (or whatever they're calling it). This first speech on the topic (in quite a while) was good, and it provides an important start on this important topic.

One of the proposals is putting up fencing in certain rural areas at a cost of $2 million per mile (or something like that). What kind of fence are they building for $2 million a mile? Dang. There is approximately 2000 miles of southern border, so that's about $2 billion. Yikes. There has to be a cheaper way, right? Maybe a discount for ordering more than 1000 miles? Well... in the long run, $2 billion isn't a lot when you consider how much is spent on health care and education and who-knows-what-else to take care of all of the "undocumented immigrants" (I guess it's just a little too un-PC to call them what they are- ILLEGAL aliens) who gush across the border every year.

No, I'm not anti-Latino. I'm anti-crime. They are committing a CRIME by sneaking across the border. They could come, legally, if they wanted to put forth the effort. I'm pro-immigration. This nation is great because of the immigrants who came to this land and help settle it. (Let's face facts. Unless you're pure-blood Native American, you're of immigrant stock. And, if you look back far enough, the Native Americans were immigrants themselves at some point.) And I'm not picking on just Mexico. So far, there hasn't been as much of a problem with illegal aliens sneaking across the border from Canada (and, if they do, they drive across on a highway). If that becomes a problem, then I'll harp on them, too (especially if they're speaking French).

There's an old saying: "Fences make good neighbors." After living in a neighborhood that has privacy fences (after growing up in a neighborhood with few, if any, fences) I don't agree with that on a small scale. On a global scale? It sounds better and better every day.

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