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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jumping The Shark, As Only They Can

I'll admit it... I thought this was a joke when I heard about it on the radio. But, alas, no, KISS really did open up a coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Thousands of fans - many ranking members in the fan club known as the KISS Army, several showing off their latest KISS tattoos - came from New Jersey, Michigan and even Poland for the chance to shake hands with the guys who played the tunes that created such devotion.

They lined up as early as 8:30 AM for the grand opening party that started nearly 12 hours later. They sat through downpours, clutched cameras and took days off work just to see half the band.

"Once you see them, it is like an aura. It takes over," said Rob Frasure of Conway, who walked around with the back cut out of his shirt to show off his new KISS tattoo.

The line of fans snaked from the coffeehouse near Celebrity Square well past Hard Rock Cafe. Officials said that devotion will help ensure the coffeehouse's success.

"Anything that keeps KISS in the public eye," said Patrick Power of Greenville. "We are going to be here for KISS."

What were they thinking? I mean... I was a huge fan of KISS... back in the day. In fact, I think their Dynasty album was the first non-kid music I owned (it was either them... or The Carpenters... don't ask.) For some reason, Beth is one of my favorite songs (it's really depressing, if you listen to the lyrics... but I've always loved it). But, guys... seriously... you ceased to have musical relevence when you sold out to disco... and don't tell me you didn't... and it was probably beofre Dynasty...

Then again... reading those articles... they're going to make money. I mean, there are plenty of people stuck in their adolescence. Plenty of people who spend good money for a little taste of their teen years. So what if that taste vaguely resembles french vanilla coffee?

So... I guess it's not really a case of KISS jumping the shark. It's more a case of KISS separating a bunch of mullet-heads from their money. Capitalism at its finest. Good work, guys.

Doesn't mean I'm going to drink their coffee, though... nope. Not gonna go there...

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