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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Major Anniversary

Talking to my mom this evening, I found out that I goofed big time. Today is a major day in my family, and I forgot. (Well... technically, I thought it was tomorrow... but I was wrong.)

Thirty years ago today, I guess I was hanging out at my grandparents house. Mom, Dad, and Grandma K were at the hospital, and everyone on both sides of my family were more than a little nervous. You see, thirty years ago today, my grandma gave my mom a kidney. One that's still doing its job today.

One Mother's Day, a local radio station down here was having a little call-in contest. They had people call in and tell Austin what their mom had done for them. Then, once an hour, they picked the best story and awarded the person a gift certificate to a local restaurant (the intent was that you should take your mom out to lunch with it). So, I called in, saying it wasn't my mom, but my mom's mom who gave up a kidney for her child, which, in turn, gave me my mom for a lot longer than I would have otherwise. (Needless to say, I won the gift certificate. As the guy on the radio said, giving up body parts trumps just about anything else. I wasn't able to take my mom down here, but... I think I took her out the next time I was in town... right, Mom?)

So... Happy Anniversary, Mom... and... many many more!!!!

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