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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hypocritical HOA Post

So... we put a pond in our front flower bed which increased the house's curb appeal, and we get a nastygram from the Homeowners Association. We leave out the basketball hoop in our driveway for a couple of days, and we get a nastygram. We forget to use the weedeater on a part of the yard that you can't see from the street, and we get a nastygram. At least 5 houses around us launch bottle rockets and Roman candles and who knows what else (in clear violation of all of the "NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED" signs posted ALL over the place) and not a dang thing will happen.

I'm not against fireworks. FAR from it. I love fireworks. I love firing them, watching them. The whole bit. It's that whole "shooting them off in the middle of a crowded neighborhood" thing that I have a problem with. It's dangerous.

My dogs go nuts, and I won't get to sleep until 2am, but that's ok, because they're not breaking the important rules, I guess.


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