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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Updates and Stuff

Well, it's been a week since the lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy. Yeah, I haven't been posting much the past week, but unless I want to talk about school shootings or the start of the baseball playoffs or pedophile Congressmen, there just isn't much out there right now.

So, first things first- the computer is going in for emergency surgery tomorrow (bad hard drive). Fortunately, it's still under warranty, so the only out-of-pocket expense is inconvenience and not money.

Next, a post-procedure report on my back. It's still there... it still lets me know it's there. I don't remember a whole lot of the procedure, thanks to the wonders of modern pharmacology. I DO remember saying "ow" a lot, but that's about it. The next couple of days, I didn't notice much difference between the pain pre- and post-procedure, but I'm figuring it out now. The dull aches and muscle spasms are the pre-stuff... the sharp, stabby pain is the nerve being destroyed. (yup... that's how the insurance company labled it - "destruction of paravertebral nerves"... lovely, eh?) The sharp, stabby pains are slowly getting fewer and fewer, and the other pain isn't there ALL the time. We're down to somewhere between over half and most. That's an improvement as of late. I go back on Tuesday for a post-procedure pow-wow with the pain doctor to see what's next (if this worked, not a dang thing except an MRI later in the year). So, more to come.

The other thing around here is... I went shoe shopping. Not just any shoes, mind you. These are... special. Since I picked them up, I've had people stare at my feet, and I've had people laugh at my feet. My shoes have been called "Tigger", "Go Go Gadget Shoes", "Mrs. Gadget's High Heels", "what Agent 99 would wear on a date with Max" and "The Robo Shoe." When my mom saw a photo of them (because I thought she might want a pair), her response was "no, no, no" and "Oh... my... Gawd." Want to see 'em?

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What do you think? The coil in the heel takes some of the impact pressure off of my lower back (which needs all the help it can get). It's custom fit to my foot, so no, you can't borrow them. They're kind of funky to walk in at first, but I'm getting used to them. If they really can help my back, then they will be well worth the price (thanks, Dad!)

So... that's it. The computer is going in for the HD transplant, so blogging the next few days will be pretty light. I guess I could always get on the boys' computer... yeah... that's what I'll do...

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