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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

La Maunia Le Kilisimasi

Here is an interesting take on how to "save Christmas" from the goofy Left who are trying to take everything Christlike out of Christmas. In a nutshell, Tomas Rome contends that the Left attacks Christmas because, to them, it represents the evil Anglo Saxon. Rome's answer to this? Show how NOT Anglo Saxon Christmas really is.
The secret to saving Christmas is to understand that in the mind of a Leftist, other religions, particularly Islam, are "multicultural" religions practiced by "people of color." Hence, they get a pass from Constitutional oversight, while Christmas, the predominate religion of whites, doesn't. Of course, such color-coding of religion makes egregious history. But Leftists are only interested in the feelings of the historically illiterate 60's folk singer. The historical reality of Ethiopian Abyssinians celebrating Christmas while most Europeans were worshipping Odin or Zeus is not a mental reality for Leftists.

So, if Christians want to save Christmas, they need to play the game. Ask yourself-What's more important, reviving the Christmas of Bethlehem or preserving today's degenerated version? Let's face it, even without the Christophobes, Christmas has strayed from its roots.

Now is a good time to call Leftists' bluff. Give them one hell of an international Christmas. Nigerian Christmas meals. Chinese Nativity scenes. American Indian Christmas dances. After all, Jesus was from Nazareth, not Newcastle. I'm betting most Leftists will be much less inclined to attack authentic displays of non-"Eurocentric" Christmases once confronted with them.
Works for me. I'm all for trying new (to me) traditions. And Christianity is anything but a purely white religion. Unfortunately, the greatest mission fields in the world today are those where mainstream Christianity (and Roman Catholicism) have taken hold (read Europe and the US). Asia and Africa are exploding with converts- true, passionate believers. Perhaps Christians in the pampered parts of the world can learn something from those who are persecuted for their belief in the Baby born in Bethlehem all those years ago.

Yeah, I know. I've had the Christmas counter in the side bar for over a month now. I'm all about many of the Eurocentric Christmas traditions (the Christmas tree, stockings, St. Nick, carols). But it's not just the traditions that draw me in- it's the feeling of family and the wonderful memories those traditions bring. Up until the 24th, I'm all about the planning, the shopping, and the glitz that goes with the commercialized Christmas. But, on the 24th and 25th, amidst the wrapping paper and sugar cookie crumbs, my heart goes back the Baby in the manger.

I think I'm going to research some early Christmas traditions. Very early. I know Followers of The Way (what early Christians called themselves) didn't celebrate Christmas (the earliest reference to Christians celebrating Christmas was in 354 A.D.) Let's see how the pagan rituals got mixed in it all.

So... La Maunia Le Kilisimasi, everyone!

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