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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Your Congress Critters At Work

No, none of this is surprising, but... y'all should know what the Congress Critters you voted for are up to.

First, we have the "Iraq Emergency Supplimental" bill. (Here's the text) Should be one, maybe two sentences, right? Something along the lines of "we give Gen. Petraeus $ X bazillion to kick insurgent butt." They could even add "at his earliest convenience" to the end of it. Well, it says that (sort of)... it gives the dollar amount along with the "hey, bad guys, y'all come back now... ya hear" date of March, 2008. Then, just for good measure, they added billions of dollars in pork (aid for spinach growers, peanut storage, and some money for tours of the Capitol- so you can see Congress at work... no thanks.) We're not even going to get into Chuck "What Party am I in?" Hagel and some Senator from Oregon (probably a Duck) who voted with the Dems, or Mark Pryor (D) who isn't planning on having much of a leadership role in the Democratic party. (And that was just the Senate version vote.) Or even the fact that it wasn't exactly constitutional.

Oh, yeah... General Petraeus said that they need the funding by April 15th. It doesn't look like the bills will get out of reconciliation committee anytime soon. Congress is going on Easter Break until the 16th. Too bad, soldiers. Ration your bullets even more.

Next, we have the new budget they're working on. They promised no tax increases for the middle class, right? Well, remember all those tax cuts W gave us? They're going to let them expire. What does that mean? Approximately $2700 per family. And that not including any of the "reserve funds" in the budget. Here's a Heritage Foundation video clip on it.

And we can't support our allies, can we, Madam Speaker? It's a resolution, for goodness sake.

Finally, when is she going to be indicted? Just wondering...

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