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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Could Be Interesting

Today, Christian evangelists and atheists are going to meet up on the ABC news website for a debate on the existence of God.
Two Christian evangelists and two atheist activists are squaring off in a 90-minute debate about whether God really exists - in a program to be shown on the ABC News website Wednesday afternoon, and an abbreviated version of the event will be broadcast during that evening's edition of the network's "Nightline" series.

"We are very grateful to ABC for taking this courageous step," said Ray Comfort of the "Way of the Master" ministry in a news release regarding the first "Nightline Face Off," which was recorded before a live audience of about 100 people in New York City on Saturday. "As far as we know, nothing like this has ever been done before."
I hate to admit it, but when I saw the article's headline, I was a little worried. You see, I haven't heard many evangelists use logic and reason when it comes to the existence of God. It usually comes down to "I feel" and "I believe", which, while completely true and valid, don't do well in a debate format. (Sorry, but that's just the way it is.)

Then I saw that it was Ray Comfort. My worries were unfounded. Sure, he believes in God with all of his heart, but that's irrelevant to the argument- he proves the existence of God scientifically, with no talk of "belief" or "faith" or anything else intangible.

This could be very interesting. Very, very interesting.

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