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Monday, December 31, 2007

Not Bad For a Sooner Chick

Yeah... it's 4am... I couldn't sleep....

So... if I'm doing the math right (2100 point lead... 5 games at 500... 4 answers at 50... carry the one... one bonus at 1500- thank you, Tony Romo... ) last night, the Tennessee Titans became my new (however temporary) favorite team, propelling me to an mathematically unbeatable score on KLBJ's Football Show Challenge. The official results aren't posted yet, but... it should say "mom-o-twins" as the winner anytime now. They won't leave us hanging over the holiday, will they???The website says the winner will be announced the Tuesday after the final game of the regular season. Drat. (I'll post more info, including what the prizes are, when I find out.)

I've been telling people for a couple of weeks that I wasn't gloating- the season wasn't over yet. Well, it's over now.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, answering questions, offering advice and patiently listening to me as I droned on and on about this contest.

Not bad for a Sooner chick, eh, Austin?

UPDATE #1: According to the web site, I gained a little ground. I had 4650 points for the weekend, not 4200.

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