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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Running Into Myself

... or at least people who accidently think they're me.

I received an e-mail yesterday from someone wanting to know if yeahrightwhatever at gmail dot com was a real e-mail or just a joke. It's real (but mine has "." between the front words). I asked where that e-mail had appeared (thinking it was some other political-ish blog). He pointed me to this thread on old computer code.
"What is the oldest piece of code that is still in use today, that has not actually been retyped or reimplemented in some way? By 'piece of code,' I'm of course referring to a complete algorithm, and not just a single line."
From what I can tell, whoever left the comment was trying to be snarky and wasn't trying to be me. Whatever. That's fine. But, by then, I was curious, so I read the answers. Some of the answers were very serious (I think the winner was some code written in 1964). Some were serious, but in a different way (RNA and DNA). My favorite?
1 "Let there be light"
2 create universe()
3 while (1)
4 # I'll finish this up later
Reminds me of this cartoon, sort of. No, you don't actually have to know what Lisp and Perl are to get it... at least, I didn't...

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