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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joy, You Ignorant...

... you get the idea.

Joy Behar opened her mouth today and shoved her foot in up to the knee cap. Here's a link to the video clip, if you're interested. (Embedding code was disabled by request. )

The jist, if you don't want to wade through 7 minutes or so of The View to get to her stupidity, is that Joy thinks that homeschool kids are "demented" and "afraid of other children." She also thinks that homeschooling is "all about mommy and daddy telling them what to think."

Well... she does have a point. Homeschooling is all about parents imparting, indoctrinating even, their world view to their children. It's about not letting an outside entity who disagrees with your belief system dictate your child's education. It's about doing it yourself instead of relying on someone else.

But are my kids demented? Not really. No more than their mother, anyway. To quote John Bender, "social... demented and sad, but social." Photobucket

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