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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Such Maturity

I'm sitting in my US History class, checking my e-mail and doing a little surfing while the kids watch a movie. I am SO glad I'm not able to watch the inauguration coverage today. I'd probably be more sick than I already am.

First, here's the text of President Obama's speech. I agree with Ramesh Ponnuru that parts were quite petty and there's no way he can get even half of that accomplished.

Ace points out that Obama's supporters are as classy as ever. From his post:

I'm really not sure what is going to be worse: watching this President do his darnedest to lead the United States down the path to socialism, if not communism; or watching his willing accomplices in the MSM ignore his every misstep.

Some days, I love spending time in a vacuum.

UPDATE: Since Danny has accused me of sour grapes in the comments, I'll go ahead and have a moment of bitterness. I'm sick and tired of everyone on the Left act like President Obama is some kind of messiah. There's only one, his name is Jesus Christ, and... to paraphrase, I know Jesus, and President Obama is no Jesus Christ.

It's not just the Obamabots. His own team is in on it. Check out the new White House web site. You'd think he just saved the world from nuclear war, cured cancer and AIDS, and secured world peace for the rest of eternity.

And... if President Obama's election was supposed to signify the end of racism in our country, I guess someone forget to tell this guy.

So much for all that hope and change and unity and healing he keeps talking about.

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