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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks

By now, everyone has heard about the terror attacks on the London public transit system. There are conflicting reports on how many explosions there have been.

One thing that struck me was the calm of the Londoners caught up in this. They rushed out of the Tube stations, but they were calm and in control. Obviously the monsters who organized these attacks weren't watching the news before they issued this statement:
"Our mujahideen have carried out a blessed invasion in London and here is Britain now burning with fear and terror... We have repeatedly warned Britain and have kept our promise."
No... they are not burning with fear and terror. They're level-headed and unflappable. You might have succeeded in killing innocents (your typical M.O.), but that's all you've accomplished. They're not afraid of you. They survived German bombing during WWII and years of terrorist attacks by the IRA. The only new thing you bring to the table is your personal brand of evil. They'll get through this. It's what they do.

After 9/11, the English stood by us. For just a moment, they were American, too. Bull Moose suggests that, in a show of solidarity with our allies, the ones who have stood by us, we are all Brits now.
This is a time that should force our own leaders to acquire perspective. Whatever partisan differences we have between us, our nation continues to face a terrorist threat. ...The fight against terrorism is this generation's "1776". Paradoxically, though, perhaps a public display of the Union Jack in America is in order.
This isn't a progressive thing or a conservative thing. Standing by our friends when they need us is simply the right thing to do.

If I had a Union Jack, I'd fly it. Maybe I'll try to find one. Where would I get one in Austin?

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UPDATE: (11:35am) Now there is some indication that the internet post claiming responsibility for the attacks might be a hoax. But... why? For their 15 minutes of fame? Or to throw authorities off the scent of the real perpetrators?

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