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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Guess They Had To Find Out Sooner or Later

(h/t to Ace) Well... someone thinks they finally figured W out. Their conclusion? He's the Anti-Christ. (Here's the cached page with all the info.)
He snorted cocaine ... He dodged the draft....His friends knew him as an alcoholic womanizer with a bad temper....a complete failure at business until his wealthy friends rescued him. Yet within a few short years he was elected Governor of Texas, and quickly catapulted into the White House in spite of losing the popular vote. Then he was re-elected with last minute help from Osama Bin Laden, in spite of high disapproval ratings. He still couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag without the advice of his staff .....and yet he's been able to declare an endless war and institute some of the most radical changes in American history ....

....... How has He done it?

I submit to you that George Walker Bush is the ANTI-CHRIST. The violence and destruction that began when Bush first entered office, is now certain to culminate in the apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible over 2,000 years ago.
This person then uses questionable numerology and a unique view of prophesy to "prove" that W is the Anti-Christ. (We won't even go into the whole "he's not flashing the Longhorn sign" argument- I live near Austin, and I'm surrounded by burnt orange devotees. That is DEFINITELY the UT sign.)

I remember back in the 80s and early 90s that Gorbachev was the Anti-Christ. Then it was John Paul II and Sun Myung Moon. And we can't forget Prince Charles, Juan Carlos, Kofi Annon, Bill Clinton and Vlad Putin.

There may be people who disagree with me (and feel free to keep it civil in the comments), but I think that it's more important to be looking for the return of Christ, rather than the rise of the Anti-Christ. Besides, I read the end of The Book... I know Who wins.

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