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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dad's Not Going To Buy One

I'd love a toaster like this, but... my dad? If it's not charred beyond recognition, he's not interested.
A TOASTER that uses radiation to prevent toast burning has been given the go-ahead in the UK.

By combining a household smoke detector with an electric toaster, it promises to deliver "perfect toast every time".

The device works by sucking in particles of caramelised bread and blowing them through an ionising sensor. In this sensor a small electrical current flows through an airborne path of ions, emitted by a pellet of radioactive americium-241. The ions attach themselves to any toast particles and reduce the strength of the current. You can set the toaster to switch off when the current drops by a specific amount according to how brown you like your toast.
Why do I get the feeling that "burn it" is not an acceptable setting?

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