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Friday, September 02, 2005

Favoritism in NO

(just saw this on the news- sorry, no link yet)Well... evidently there is some favoritism going on in the rescue efforts in New Orleans. Thousands of people are waiting at the Superdome and the convention center. Thousands on the overpasses, waiting for rescue. Buses went, on the order of the MAYOR of NO, to the Hyatt to pick up a group of tourists. Those buses took these tourists to the Superdome, where the MAYOR of NO ordered that they be put at the front of the line to get out of town.

Also just on the news... the President declared an emergency before Katrina made landfall to get supplies and manpower in position in case the governors of the affected states requested help. After Katrina made landfall, Gov. Blanco didn't pull the trigger. What she had in place was ineffective, and she hesitated just a bit too long.

One more tidbit... Bill Hobbs has a photo of the bus fleet that the Mayor of NO could have used to get some of his poorer citizens out of NO. (It would have cost the city the cost of gas and hotel rooms for the drivers... big whoop.)

And, yet, somehow, all of this is Bush's fault... I'm not saying that members of FEMA and DHS did everything right- far from it. I just find it laughable that Bush is getting the blame for Nagin's and Blanco's lack of planning and blatant stupidity.

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