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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Flipper's Gone Rogue

The US military uses marine mammals. We all know that, right? What they're used for, exactly, we haven't been told. Now, some of them may or may not be missing.
It may be the oddest tale to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts who have studied the US navy's cetacean training exercises claim the 36 mammals could be carrying 'toxic dart' guns. Divers and surfers risk attack, they claim, from a species considered to be among the planet's smartest. The US navy admits it has been training dolphins for military purposes, but has refused to confirm that any are missing.

This is just goofy. Do they think for one moment that the Navy doesn't have GPS on them? Do they think that the dolphins haven't been trained to return to base?
'My concern is that they have learnt to shoot at divers in wetsuits who have simulated terrorists in exercises. If divers or windsurfers are mistaken for a spy or suicide bomber and if equipped with special harnesses carrying toxic darts, they could fire,' he said. 'The darts are designed to put the target to sleep so they can be interrogated later, but what happens if the victim is not found for hours?'

Usually dolphins were controlled via signals transmitted through a neck harness. 'The question is, were these dolphins made secure before Katrina struck?' said Sheridan.

The mystery surfaced when a separate group of dolphins was washed from a commercial oceanarium on the Mississippi coast during Katrina. Eight were found with the navy's help, but the dolphins were not returned until US navy scientists had examined them.

Where they secured before the hurricane struck? This "expert" makes it sound like they swim around their pond in Louisiana with their "weapons harnesses" on... loaded with LIVE ammo. Oh, yeah... the Navy's gonna do THAT.

IF the Navy's dolphins were washed out to sea with the hurricane (like the ones from Mississippi), then they'll be found... they're not stupid animals. They're definitely smarter than these so-called "experts".

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