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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Relief Blog-Burst

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Today, over a hundred bloggers have banded together to highlight charity organizations that are bringing relief to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Glenn Reynolds is keeping a list of the charities.

The first charity that comes to mind is the American Red Cross. They are the ones who have the most experience dealing with situations like this. In addition to a monetary contribution, I'd like to suggest that everyone who is able go down to their local Red Cross (or Blood and Tissue Center, if they're contracted for your area) and donate a unit of blood. (No, I don't really give a rat's rump if you have Belonephobia- get over yourself.)

Another suggestion was to talk to your company's HR department and see if they are doing matching donations for relief- if that's the case, then donate through your company.

And, as if I even need to mention this, keep the people of the Gulf States in your prayers.

UPDATE: Here is a list of corporate contributions so far.

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