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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Inhumanity

If this is not a hoax (and I doubt that it is), this is tragic and sickening... post upon post of people looking for loved ones... or trying to get word to authorities about people who are in need of assistance.

But what gets me are the stories about the thugs...
Apparently armed thugs have surrounded the Tulane Univ Med Ctr (or hospital). One of the physicians trapped on the roof called his dad (a client of this NJ based law firm) to sound the alarm.

They are on the roof and need a chopper.
My coworker's brother is one of seven doctors who have been left behind at Charity Hospital. His name is Vinroot, I'm sorry, I don't know the first name. He is in a panic--the doctors have barricaded themselves on the seventh floor because armed gunmen are outside threatening them and demanding access to the roof so they can be rescued first. He is desperate. Someone needs to help these people NOW!
They were attacked by armed gang who hijacked their truck and drove it through a locked gate in the parking garage. They are unable to leave the building due to the heavy presence of large, well-organized armed looters. They expect the building to be attacked at any moment.
I just talked to my neighbor who stayed behind at Camp and St. Mary. He walked along Jackson St and saw dead bodies everywhere from gun shoots. After coming upon two dead girls, probably around 12-15 yr old, he had to get out.
Also... patient evacuations have been halted because of sniper fireat one NO hospital, and rescue volunteers had to hold boats back due to gun fire aimed at them (both via FoxNews).

Will someone please explain this to me? Am I really that naive? What happened to these people? It's like Lord of the Flies or something. In the end, once the bodies (the ones that are found, that is) are autopsied, we may find out that more people died due to man's inhumanity to man than by Mother Nature's wrath or man's lack of planning.

This isn't supposed to happen here. We're supposed to band together... help one another...

My heart hurts...

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