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Friday, September 16, 2005

Why Will He Not Just Go Away?!?!?

(h/t to Delftsman) Michael Crook is back. Y'all might remember him. He's the nice young gentleman who posted the picture of the disabled Marine on his "Forsake the Troops" site a while back. Well, his new version of FtT is "Oppose the Troops."

His goal is to protest and suggest reforms to the pay structure of the military. Evidently, he thinks soldiers (whose families have to turn to welfare to have enough food to eat) are paid WAY too much. His solution? Don't pay them at all. Let them fend for themselves.

And, according to this dingbat, the military doesn't protect our freedoms- that's just "propaganda." He thinks we'd do better with a "every man for himself" approach. Oh, yeah... that'll work. Really.

You know... I'd love for Crook to spend a couple of weeks with some of another Michael's friends. I'm sure the fine men of Deuce Four could provide him with the proper attitude adjustment.

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