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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You're Stuck on Stupid

(h/t to Lord Spatula I, K&T and Radio Blogger) Lt. General Russel Honore is an extremely articulate man. And immensely intelligent man. How do I know that? Well, anyone who looks at a reporter and says:
Honore: You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question.
Radio Blogger points out that this might be the start of a movement... bumper stickers, rubber bracelets, the whole thing. I love it. I'll take a t-shirt, please.

I just have one question... FoxNews just reported what the good General had to say when he first found out that Hurricane Rita was upgraded to Cat 5. Just how scared should Galveston be if General Honore says that it gives him "the creeps" ?????

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