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Sunday, October 30, 2005

All Things Foamy

This is going to be an... odd... post. There is a major language (and some content) warning for the links. You have been warned.

So... there's this squirrel. With an anger management problem. His name is Foamy. He has a friend named Pilze, who is also a squirrel, who has enough psychosomatic disorders to write a medical textbook. There's another squirrel named Beagley, and he's a British punk squirrel. They all hang out with Germaine, a goth chick. They are all part of this bizarre, twisted internet cartoon series.

Like I said, Foamy has an anger management problem, so he uses a lot of foul language. (However, he is a South Park style conservative, so at least he's not a moonbat.) And his friend Pilze is on 132 pills a day (plus he's addicted to coffee). It's not that Germaine actually owns them... she just can't seem to get rid of them.

If you want to see what I'm talking about start here, and then go here. Then maybe this one and this one. And you will end up saying things like "Oh. Coffee. Thank you. I would love some" and, if you're not careful, "I need a bagle, and you know I need a bagel. A bagel with cream cheese, yeah the creamy cheese, everybody likes the cream and the cheese and the cheesy cream. And a cup of coffee. I definitely need a cup of coffee."

And then, after you begin quoting Foamy without realizing it, you can take this test, and see which character you are.

You Are Beagley.
British, punk, and probably the smartest character
in this cartoon. After all, you rarely show up
to submit yourself to everyone elses idiocy.
You are to a degree the British version of
Foamy. Bitchy, and worse humor. Go home.

Which Neurotically Yours (Foamy) Character are you???
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