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Friday, October 28, 2005

One Whiny Biddy

Those of you who don't live in Texas have probably never heard of Carole Keeton McClellan Strayhorn, but there are a whole bunch of us who live in the Lone Star State who are getting sick and tired of hearing about "one tough grandma." (You may have heard of her son, Scott, though.)

What am I talking about? Well, Mrs. Strayhorn is currently the Texas State Comptroller, and I suppose she does a good job. But it really must be difficult to find time to actually do her job when she's been gunning for the Governor's office since her first day in the Comptroller's office. She has used every opportunity presented to her to slam Rick Perry and the job he's been doing as Governor. (Granted, I don't think he's the be-all and end-all of governors... he's made mistakes... but, geeez).

Her latest attack on Governor Perry is "The Conservative Commentary", a series of radio ads featuring "One Tough Grandma" , each one blasting another of Perry's mistakes (some of which were not his fault). That would be fine... if it was the election season. You see, the election isn't until November. Of 2006.

I don't know who's advising her, but I almost think it's a Perry plant. I mean, she's going to alienate potential voters by whining this much this early. We want positive change, not nagging hacks with no new ideas.

And that "One Tough Grandma" thing... memo to Carole... we don't want tough grandmas... I prefer my grandmas soft and good at hugging.

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