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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This Is Going To Be... Interesting...

You know... when you get a bunch of women together, you never know what's going to happen. Sometimes, there are deep, philosophical discussions... sometimes a cat fight... sometimes, the subject wanders to the subject of guys.

And that's just what happened with The Cotillion this week. Yeah... there's the normal round-up, if you want to see what the conservative ladies of the Blogosphere are up to this week. But... some of the ladies wanted to do something just a little different.

It seems like some of the guy bloggers (not ALL... in fact, none of the ones that I consider friends) have a problem with the chick bloggers. We're not taken seriously. The guys pay attention to photo on the "About Me" page and ignore the brilliance that we may post from time to time. Well... let's turn the tables, shall we?

Welcome to "Blogger Babes". The Other Beth explains it better than I could:
We’ve decided to revive the (short-lived) tradition, so we can have some fun with Cotillion! I’ve already got one volunteer (not saying who just yet), but we need MORE VOLUNTEERS so someone isn’t crowned King with no brutal friendly competition!

So here’s the deal: We’ll take our volunteers, and depending on how many we collectively get, we’ll either go with that pool and y’all can vote, or whittle it down through (anonymous) voting at our sites over a series of weeks–like American Idol or something. ::gag::

The prize: Lots of Cotillion womens’ linky love for you, a heavy dose of female attention, and of course, braggin’ rights! Maybe we’ll toss in something like you get to pick something for me or someone else to write about, or something like that.

So... any of my male blogger readers want to volunteer? Leave a comment here or at MVRWC, or send The Other Beth or me an e-mail. If not enough people volunteer, we will volunteer you. I know I have a few ideas of who to nominate, but... I'm not telling just yet...

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