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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Well, That's Annoying...

It's Saturday, and that means it's a day of watching college football. The UT and Nebraska games were on one of the broadcast networks, but the rest of the Big 12 games were on Fox Sports Southwest.

Have you noticed the trend on Monday Night Football to show the booth and to be able to hear the director calling the final couple of cues of the evening? Kinda cool, right?

Hmmm... I guess I need to provide a little background, don't I? I'm a production team volunteer at my church. That means, on Sunday morning, you just might find me back by the gear, running the light board or the computer system, or working a camera, or tinkering with the video deck (I don't touch the sound board, and I think we're all happy about that). My official title is "producer", and that means that I call cues, put out fires (figurative and literal) and try to keep everything as smooth as possible. You know our team is doing their job when you don't notice them.

Well... watching the games today, you couldn't help but notice the director because you could hear him calling cues and running countdowns throughout the day. (It wasn't the video director, because I couldn't hear each shot cue, just the main cues and the graphics cues.) It was cool, at first... but... it's kind of distracting. And, if it was just during the game, that would have been one thing. You know it's bad when you could hear the cues during the commercials!!!!

Having a "behind the scenes look" at the production is a very... trendy idea. Having it constantly during the show is just... unprofessional.

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