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Friday, October 07, 2005

What Will They Think of Next?

Scientists come up with all kinds of cool things. Life-changing inventions, life-saving medications, life-enhancing gadgets and gizmos. And... uh... then there's this:
The world's first autonomously-controlled robotic fish have been unveiled at London Aquarium.

The robotic fish are said to swim as fast as tuna, with the acceleration of a pike and the navigation skills of an eel.

The fish, designed by Professor Huosheng Hu, of Essex University, navigate by sensor based controls, and mimic the motion of fish.

Prof Hu's team worked with the London Aquarium for three years to develop a biologically-inspired robot that mimics the undulating movement of real fish.

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Ummm... why? I know you're asking yourself that, right? Well, they say it can help improve the performance of other underwater vehicles or maybe detect underwater mines or leaks in pipelines. Personally, I think they did this just to see if they could.

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