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Friday, October 07, 2005


Boston is out of the playoffs. Let's see... now the Angels need to tap into their divine and beat the Yanks... Houston needs to win... the Cards need one more... Then... the White Sox beat the Angels in 5, Cards over the Astros in 3, and we have an I-55 Series.

Yeah... yeah... I know... "no one will care about an I-55 Series!" And? No one cared about the I-70 series (Cards v. Royals), but we loved it.

Hey... give me this, at least. I mean... my Blues aren't doing a dang thing yet. The Bats' season hasn't started yet. And... uh... um... I'm not sure I want to talk about The Shootout tomorrow. (But check out what Lord Spatula I, K&T has to say about it).

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