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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'll Take That Deal

There's a rumor going around Hollywood that Bennifer II (that would Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) signed a seven figure deal with Star-Schmucks Starbucks Co.
You know all those pictures we keep seeing of the ridiculously pregnant Jennifer Garner toting around Starbucks coffee? There's a rumor going around that she and hubby Ben Affleck have signed a million dollar deal with the coffee purveyor to be photographed all over the country with giant green-and-white cups. As Lloyd Grove puts it, as tacky as such a deal might seem, the twosome certainly have an incentive: "With his career in the dregs and hers on hold, a hefty endorsement deal could be just their cup."

Starbucks denies that any such arrangement has been made – "We don't pay for play," a rep told Grove. "Our product placement is organic." On behalf of the couple, Affleck's flack Ken Sunshine insists that his client is just genuinely wrapped up in the Starbucks cult. "Maybe Ben likes Starbucks and is willing to ignore the morons who spend their life waiting to take the same photo every day of him drinking coffee."
Yes, I know that Seattle-based coffee products are evil, for the most part (because they are WAY overpriced for what they offer.) And, the paparazzi should be shot for encouraging this horrid fascination with celebrities (and celeb wannabes). That being said... Starbucks could pay me 1/4 of that to promote their products. I'd do it.

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