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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Not Sure They Would Agree

A shark expert claims that sharks aren't looking at humans as a tasty treat.
A leading Italian expert has dismissed claims by an Australian marine biologist that sharks are a growing threat to humans .

Alberto Lucca Recchi, a photographer and writer who has made the study of sharks his life's passion, said suggestions that the mammals had developed a taste for human flesh were just not true .

"There are cases of attacks on humans but the shark does not eat the person," he said. "When they taste us, they actually spit us out" Recchi's remarks came in response to claims by Scoresby Shepherd, who pointed to a worrying increase in shark attacks on humans over recent years .
While this is facinating and all, I'd like to point something out. Just because the sharks spit out their victims doesn't make said victim any less DEAD (in the case of Great White and other large shark attacks).

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