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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They Need a Little 9mm Chlorine

Right now, there's a car chase live on FoxNews. CHP and local cops have been chasing burglery suspects for a while now. (They're suspected in 30 different home robberies.) The fine upstanding citizens have managed to get away from the police several different times, and they're driving around on 2 flats. One time, they pretty much had the car surrounded, and they wiggled through the cop cars and escaped (after trying to carjack another car). There was a report of shots fired, but no one was wounded.

From what the media has been told, the driver has been convicted twice on other offenses, and California has a three strike rule. No wonder he's running.

They're stopped again, in the middle of the street. Five police cars are stopped behind the fine, upstanding citizens, doors open, weapons drawn. Right now, I dare the doofus behind the wheel to pull a gun.

Oh, geez. He drove off again. Shoot the other two tires. RPG the car. Do SOMETHING. (More news as the idiocy plays itself out.)

UPDATE: Since I last typed, the car stopped again, the police shot out the side mirrors, and the bad guys fine upstanding citizens surrendered. The police dog was pulling on the handler's leash, just hoping that the bad guys fine upstanding citizens would try to flee on foot. Unfortunately for Officer Scruffy, they didn't resist.

California law enforcement is lucky that no one was hurt. That car chase went on WAY too long.

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