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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Whatever You Do, Don't Make Her Mad

Not me, silly. (Well, ok... making me mad isn't a really good idea, either, but... ) Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. (Lady of the Cotillion and all-around sweetie) was at the Supreme Court today, live blogging and giving the Family Research Council's take on the Ayotte v Planned Parenthood case that was heard today.

Here's how her husband, Jack, tells the tale:
Charmaine was live blogging when the confrontation occurred. Charmaine tells me that she did in fact "strongly encourage" Kim to leave the podium on the steps of the Supreme Court early in today's press conference.

Here's what happened: After Gandy gave her opening remarks, she asked for questions from the reporters. There were none. None.

So Charmaine stepped up to give her remarks. However, there was some resistance by the NOW President to vacate as the unwritten rules of press conference custom demands. Gandy wouldn't get gone.

But resistance was futile. Charmaine moved to the mic. The Good-Guys won. She delivered her statement and civility returned to the world.

Charmaine also made it as an EIB Extra, and Rush opened his show today with the story (why did I pick today not to listen to Rush???) Good job, Charmaine! Way to go!

UPDATE: Charmaine did an awesome job on Paula Zahn's show this evening. She rocks!

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