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Friday, December 02, 2005

He's Too Busy Right Now

President Bush received a summons for jury duty in Waco. Fortunately, the nice judge understood that the president will be a little too busy to serve at this time, and gave him a postponement.
The White House said Thursday that President Bush has obtained a postponement for the summons he received to serve on a jury in Texas. He had been called for next Monday, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the McLennan County court has been called and told the president had other commitments on Monday. McClellan said the White House will work with the court to reschedule Mr. Bush's jury duty.

State District Judge Ralph Strother said he doesn't actually expect Mr. Bush to show up in court. He adds, "I don't think I'll be sending the sheriff out to bring the president in."
Aw, come on, Judge. You know the LLL would just LOVE to see him handcuffs. You're such a spoilsport.

Why don't you go ahead and pencil him in for duty for February, 2009? That's when his first opening is.

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