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Thursday, December 01, 2005

How Now Orange Cow?

It's deer season, or so I've been told. And, during deer season, sometimes accidents happen. Well, one guy is trying to prevent a costly accident this year.
LOGANTON, Pa. (AP) -- One Pennsylvania farmer isn't taking any chances during hunting season. Friz Konieczka is painting his cows orange.

He doesn't want any hunters mistaking them for deer. He's also painting his horses, goats and turkeys. Even the farmer's best buddy, his Dalmatian named Buddy, is getting the day-glow makeover.

The farmer says he rather spend a few bucks on spray paint than lose one of his animals to a careless hunter.
I admire his creativity. Unfortunately, if you look at the pic in the article, you can't really see the orange paint. He might need a few more cans of paint.

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