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Friday, September 29, 2006

My, Aren't They a Bit Touchy?

I think that most people agree that the TSA is trying to protect our skies- sometimes they get it right... and some times they're just a little bit off the mark. Case in point:
Frequent traveler Ryan Byrd says he was expressing his frustration at air security rules when he wrote a message to the T-S-A director.
That message got him detained Tuesday when he tried to go through airport security in Milwaukee. He'd written "Kip Hawley is an Idiot" on his plastic bag of toiletries.

A Wisconsin businessman, Bird says "too many of the T-S-A rules are knee-jerk reactions to noncredible threats." A T-S-A spokeswoman says there is no prohibition on writing on bags.
So... Mr. Byrd thinks that the Director of the TSA is an idiot. No problem there. And he wrote that on a baggie. Because he wrote it on a baggie, he was held for 25 minutes at the checkpoint. Evidently, the TSA agents took it as some form of threat. When he asked about his First Amendment rights, he was told that they don't apply in the checkpoint area.

Here's the deal, Mr. TSA agent. People waiting in line can't yell "Fire!" They shouldn't make jokes about bombs or guns or box cutters. They shouldn't (this one's just my personal opinion) wear clothes with offensive slogans, or put stickers, etc. on their luggage with offensive sayings on it (like I said... just my opinion on that one). Last time I checked, calling someone a jerk (either verbally or in written form) doesn't break any of your precious rules. Some people don't like your boss... get over it.

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