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Friday, September 29, 2006

What Has She Been Smokin'?

Oprah's found a good stash. That's the only explaination for this (yeah, I know there's one link closer... I'm not going to link to her... don't ask) :
Oprah's 16 "Real" Sexiest Men:
1. Cory A. Booker--liberal Newark Mayor and Yale lawyer.
2. Larry Page and Sergey Brin--Google founders.
3. David Gregory
4. Albert Pujols--St. Louis Cardinals First Baseman
5. Barack Obama
6. James Nachtway--photographer of the African AIDS crisis
7. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga
8. Robert Egger--founded D.C. Central Soup Kitchen
9. Dr. Drew Pinsky--host sex radio show, used to host MTV sex show
10. Jeffrey D. Sachs
11. Larry Norton--Breast cancer researcher
12. Johann Olav Koss--Olympic gold medalist who uses sports as tool for kids in third world
13. Michael Arad--Architect designing politically correct Ground Zero Memorial
14. Fareed Zakaria
15. Alton Brown--Food Network chef
16. Patrick J. Fitzgerald
For the record, yes, I did google the ones I didn't know... and, also for the record, there are 2 names that don't belong there- one because he really belongs on a sexiest men list, and the other because he's just too cool to hang with these... metrosexuals. And, no... I'm not going to tell you which two they are.

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